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Nutball: The Most Dangerous Game

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14 years ago, Mark changed the game of Nutball forever by inventing it. And now... Ethan gets to experience the glory that is THE MOST DANGEROUS GAME.
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The Kapster ► https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TWZG1...
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Alternative title:
Mark and Ethan trying to lower each other's fertility rate for 10 minutes straight

by Hailey Stagl 3 months ago

Mark: im not a masochist....

Also mark: lEts uSe a wAtErmElOn

by Nobody At all 3 weeks ago

Her: “He’s probably cheating on me rn”
Him: Doing this with the boys

by L 2 weeks ago

Alternate Title: Amy Watches Mark and Ethan Destroy Their Kids

by Zoe Trent 3 months ago

imagine a trans guy who passes but people doesn’t know he’s trans and everyone things he’s a cis guy okay this and have to fake his reaction

by Daisy Zenner 2 weeks ago

Amy: *points to her child

This is why ur adopted

by atenahena 4 weeks ago

“I used to play this game in my high school band room.” Yeah, this is absolutely a game band kids would play

by Erin Nox 1 month ago

Science: why do females live longer than males?
This channel: NUTBALL!!

by HungerGamesWicked 3 months ago

"I used to play this in my high school band room"

Yeah, yeah that tracks, yeah. Band kids are truly the most chaotic force alive.

by CymbalKnight 1 month ago

alternate title: mark and ethan lose the kids to a watermelon

by Alexander Shah 1 month ago

Nutball: modern day duelling. Instead of killing the other guy, you kill their ability to father children.

by Jackpotski Razor 2 weeks ago

Ethan: blocks 3 times

Mark: doesn’t block at all

by Noah Lani 1 month ago

“At one point Caleb was pissing blood”



by VideoGamesAndGameplays 2 months ago

At my middle school we had Rhinoing but we called it "Corndogging." And one time somebody Corndogged me so hard that my tailbone was bruised and I couldn't sit for the week.

by Finley Leach 2 weeks ago

Ethan: blocks every shot
Mark: TaKeS iT LiKe A cHaMp

by Kade Harward 4 weeks ago

Ethan: NO I just don’t wanna PISS BLOOD
mark: oh it’s not that bad it’s happened to me!!
Ethan: WHAT!?!

by XxPoison_BlackxX 3 weeks ago

Can we get this vid again except Ethan’s hands are duct taped. I mean Jesus

by Alex Laird 2 weeks ago

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