we made every youtuber battle in the hunger games

unus-annus photo 1 we made every youtuber battle... unus-annus photo 2 we made every youtuber battle... unus-annus photo 3 we made every youtuber battle... unus-annus photo 4 we made every youtuber battle...

I can imagine everyone running around in dirty ripped up clothes (except for Jeffrey star) while unus and annus just walk around in their pristine suits

by Dope'd Furry 3 weeks ago

“Unus attempted suicide, failed, and died”

task failed successfully

by Biggie Cheese 1 month ago

"Sean tries to treat his infection"
Me: I bet it's a septic eye.

by Kate WolfStar 4 weeks ago

I don't know why, but I imagined the saddest scenario with Unus and Annus just chanting their name alone trying to find each other-

by Kaminari Denki 1 month ago

I find it hella satisfying how at the end Unus and Annus are in 8th and 9th place respectively meaning the spiral matches up

by Rometais 1 month ago

Before Unus or Annus would kill someone, they yell “MOMENTO MORI”

by Viper 1 month ago

Jeffree Star, slitting Logan Paul’s neck:


by Olivia Paulk 2 weeks ago

Jeffrey Star: "because it's the one thing they can't replace"

by Elle Murry 3 weeks ago

I think Unus and Annus would efficiently murder everyone while telling them how they're doing them a favour.

by Tommy Keane 2 months ago

Mr. Beast: Sees this video

Mr. Beast's next video:

"Hi guys, so today I got 24 YouTubers...

by BonusDuuuck 1 month ago

They threatened a double suicide so they wouldn’t have to kill each other in the end like the berry scene from the movies but nobody cared so they actually just killed themselves.

by Noodle Warrior 2 weeks ago

Mark: Unus Annus is not a cult!
Him as well: "Unus and Annus is out for B L O O D. "

by It'sFunni-time 3 weeks ago

Mark: Annus questions his sanity but he lost it long ago.

by Jirae Choi 1 month ago

Mark wins the hunger games and Ethan dies of dysentery on the first day. Meanwhile, Ethan's alter ego murders five people. This seems very on brand.

by August 1 month ago

When unus tried unsuccessfully to start a fire, I just imagined Ethan in a black suit huddling underneath a tree scraping two sticks together

by DespondentPigeon 1 month ago

Jake Paul: I’ve mastered the ability, to stand perfectly still, that I have become invisible to the eye....

by Plebdominus Rex 3 weeks ago

"We Made Every YouTuber Battle in the Hunger Games"

felix: am i a joke to you?

by elle 1 month ago

Ethan: calls Mark a masochist
Ethan: restrains himself with handcuffs
Me: ...expected

by L Carter 1 month ago

"They tried to commit a double suicide but failed and both died."
Task failed successfully.

by Firock Finion 2 months ago

Everyone was so focused on unis and annus, no one could see the monster that was markiplier

by The Amazing Squid 2 weeks ago

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