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Christopher Hitchens Steps Into the Ring with Bill O'Reilly

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Christopher Hitchens on The O'Reilly Factor
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Christopher Hitchens Steps Into the Ring with Bill O'Reilly

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Seriously, whoever edited this should never touch a mouse again. 

by C Daug. 5 years ago

"We barely got our trousers off. We should pursue this." HAHAHAHAHAHA.!!! 😂😂😂

by Seth Frazer 5 years ago

"We've barely gotten our trousers off, we should pursue this." XD

Gotta love Hitch.

by PinstripeShirt 5 years ago

It always makes me laugh how differently Bill treats guests he knows are smarter than him, he was the same when Richard Dawkins was on, he treads lightly when he's out of his depth.

by cmomofilm 5 years ago

WTF was this??? O'Reilly didn't even let him finish his sentence.

by Wonder Woman 4 years ago

Oreilly scared shitless.
Look at him run...
At least he's smart enough to know when to flee

by proconsulaugustus 4 years ago

Why does Bill even have guests on his show? He is such a tool.

by Giovani C 6 years ago

Once again, Bill-O cuts his guest off just as he is about to make a devastating point. I'll just fill in what I think Hitchens was about to point out. The British, while given all the incentive in the world to be bitter and vengeful, they chose to treat captives as guests. They warmed up to them, gained their trust, and eventually the prisoners willingly gave valid intelligence about the war. To contrast, the CIA concluded that the information they extracted through all of this torturing was garbage without exception. I believe that the report came out after this interview, but the point is still the same. When you use torture, the people will tell you what they think you want to hear. When you befriend them, they will tell you what they think is true.

by DarKMaTTeR 4 years ago

O'Reilly completely toned down on this compared to how he goes after ever other guest; he wouldn't dare provoke Hitchens - ha!

by Mr Sea Turtle 5 years ago

Tide comes in, tide goes out. You can't explain that

by I'm a Potato 2 years ago

O'Reilly got out of that quick, and just as well too, he's hopelessly outgunned against the supreme intellect that was Christopher Hitchens. He would have been utterly destroyed like his dweeb colleague, halfwit-Hannity.

by gor265 4 years ago

The good ones really do go first, don't they?

by D RM 5 years ago

Why chop and edit a Bill O'Reilly video? Bill sinks his own ships without the heavy editing.

by Bobby Rowland 5 years ago

In a full debate Hitch would crucify O'Reilly alas it will not now happen. Bring on Dawkins or Harris but who is really going to take over from Hitch and his great debating powers

by kickboxer 6 years ago

I feel like Bill dodged Hitchens altogether here realizing he was intellectually not a match for him.

by Invictus Exercitus XI 7 months ago

We respect your view that's why were cutting you off and going to a commercial

by Tatersalad19 Cars 4 years ago

why is this edited? BOOOO. Hitchens can stand on his own.

by John Reineke 5 years ago

A total fool like O'Reilly is absolutly no match what so ever for Hitchens!

by AustralianLeprechaun 5 years ago

I used to like O'Reilly. Always watched his show, had many a great laugh at his expense. But then I discovered that he, Glen Beck and all the other staff at FOX aren't actually comedians, who only play the simpletons and village-idiots of the news-world. These people exist for REAL!

by fenriz218 5 years ago

yes typical Fox 'news'... invite a guest onto the show then spend all the interview time talking over the top of him. More bizarre "O'Reilly theatre of the absurd"

by Ytxmak 5 years ago

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