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Can You Find Him in This Video? • Hidden in Plain Sight #16

#hiding from boss #vat 19 #hiding in plain sight #vat-19 #Entertainment
Can Danny hide from his boss in this mysterious location? Jamie is in the dark on this one...
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#vat19 #hidden in plain sight

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Is no one gonna talk about how Jamie would instantly die in a horror movie?

by Jordan Goldberg 2 weeks ago

Imagine a real murderer walked in during this episode

by Kampeth 1 week ago

Normal horror films: monster chases person
Hidden in plain sight: person chases monster

by Depicc 1 week ago

episode 10000: so basically theres this thing called the multiverse

by Alberto is a duck 1 week ago

I feel like this should have been a Halloween episode

by Benji Riley 2 weeks ago

WARNING: Certain parts of this video may be scary
Me: Pfft, I'm not afraid of anything
Also me after I saw the ghost girl: Heart attack

by Julius Pyx 1 week ago

Famous last words: "Do you hear that noise, let's go towards it."

by Alex Macke 2 weeks ago

Person: Dying on floor
Jamie: probably a red herring

by Sapphire Moon 1 week ago

Year 3144: Jamie: Was he on the roof?

Danny: So there’s this thing called Jupiter which is another planet but Jamie can monitor all planets in his office so all he needs to do is look at it and notice me on Jupiter

by Aerosuitz 1 week ago

Hidden in plain sight

Episode 1: Dresses up as a warehouse worker

Episode 16: Makes a full on horror movie

by PME Productions 2 weeks ago

Me: 10mins in still scrolling the comments not to be scared but refuses to click off the vid just to find out what happens

by Mandalay 1 week ago

Was I the only one that thought Danny was the ghost girl-

by Alan Cabrera 1 week ago

Hidden in Plain Sight: Elaborate hide and sesk
New Objective: Survive

by Plague Doctor 1 week ago

Jon: Im gonna pretend I didn't hear that

by Le Lolz 1 week ago

Everyone gangsta till vat19 gives a parental guidance warning

by DangerJJ 2 weeks ago

Dear Kids, FEAR Stands for
Frick everything and RUN

by NiKo 1 week ago

i bet you’re scared so you’re reading the comments

by Trbros GT 1 week ago

I’m slightly weirded out by Jamie having a beard.

by Thomas McCleod 2 weeks ago

Jon: hears spooky noise

by Caroline Magovern 1 week ago

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