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Inside the risky venture of Spaceport America

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In the middle of the New Mexico desert lies Spaceport America, a glittering, alien structure advertised as the very first purpose-built commercial spaceport. It’s home to Virgin Galactic, a space startup that promises to send tourists into orbit as early as next year. But even if that milestone happens, it will follow years of delays, setbacks, and even tragedy. Local residents in the nearby town of Truth or Consequences were told to expect big things when New Mexico joined the private space economy, but many now wonder if the dream of a space industry will ever materialize..
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How much would you spend on a space tour?

by Verge Science 5 months ago

People spending $250k for a ten minute ride aren't going to spend the night in a roadside motel!

by Benjamin Scherrey 5 months ago

"a second mortgage on the house to buy a ticket".
....and that kids how the 2028 financial crash happened.

by Rithvik Sb 5 months ago

"Let everybody have a chance to experience it." Joke of the century.

by Chirag Ojha 5 months ago

Truth or Consequences is a really cool name for a town

by ArcanePhysics 5 months ago

“Congratulations, you’re the first astronaut from X country.”

As if taking a private spaceplane makes you any more of an astronaut than taking a cruise makes you a marine.

by Milo Cohen 5 months ago

Bit silly. People who spent hundreds of thousands of dollars on these space tours would never stay at the Rocket Inn anyways...

by Ibrahim Pasha 5 months ago

I can’t believe a state government paid for this

by Owen Colby 5 months ago

I'll wait till Musk sells tickets for less than 10K USD.

by SiaarZH 5 months ago

“Let everyone have a chance to experience it”

250k a pop

That ain’t everyone, chief.

by Alex Cotman 4 months ago

Did they really think that the multi millionaires would stay at a motel and buy stuff from a gift shop?

by Joannot 5 months ago

“The sky is...just blacker than black, and the earth is...super high definition, very bright.”

by 陳遠安 4 months ago

"Oh yeah, I'll just whip out another mortgage and have a good time!"
I'm looking forward to seeing prices drop with industrialisation, but I'd rather buy a ticket that will put me in Orbit, not just a pop. If I'm going to spend the majority of my money, I need it to be worth it.

by Widget 5 months ago

I feel sorry for the owners of rocket inn. They're never gonna get the clients and will end up being bankrupted.

by Facts First 5 months ago

"a second mortgage on the house to buy a ticket".
Yes count me in..

by Vipul Petkar 5 months ago

"for $250k..."
"democratize space; let everyone have a chance to experience it"

by Daniel Santos 5 months ago

Can't wait for your video next year when you compare the reactions of the town to today.

by q84real 5 months ago

High school level of journalism.

by raider2333 4 months ago

"At the end of the day, we really don't care." This is how I feel about the Camden space port just north of me.

by Matthew Stinar 5 months ago

When he said that normal people were just taking out a second mortgage for a ticket ugh. These people are delusional.

by penguins forall 5 months ago

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