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Insulin should be cheap. Here’s why it's not.

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The cost of insulin has skyrocketed over the past few years, putting increasing pressure on millions of diabetics who rely on the drug to survive. We look at how insulin is made today, explore what’s preventing it from being produced more cheaply, and visit a DIY lab where biohackers are trying to “brew” their own insulin to change the game for diabetics everywhere.
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Verge Science photo 1 Insulin should be cheap. Here’s... Verge Science photo 2 Insulin should be cheap. Here’s... Verge Science photo 3 Insulin should be cheap. Here’s... Verge Science photo 4 Insulin should be cheap. Here’s...

Have you or someone you know had trouble with access to insulin?

by Verge Science 6 months ago

I think video is limited to United States's experience

by daar 6 months ago

Insulin is cheap.

Oh...you're in America. Well...sorry about that.

by What's Up In Space? 5 months ago

"the world is being sucked dry by money loving corporations"
Brought to you by Lexus....

by googlejse 5 months ago

Let me save you 8 minutes: Greed.

by Ihavecat 5 months ago

Insulin should be cheap in the US. Here's why it's not cheap in the US.*

by Josip Ćurić 5 months ago

Evergreening is a horrible way of abusing the patent system... :(

by lactobacillusprime 6 months ago

Short answer: Governmental laws.
The USA's Patent office: "Only these 3 companies can make this type of insulin"
The USA's FDA: "We don't trust a newcomer to make insulin, so we won't allow it until you pass 10000 tests"

by The757packerfan 5 months ago

Is this some issue that I'm too European to understand

by David Humphries 5 months ago

insulin is like 3 dollars for a huge box, poor americans

by Arsey 5 months ago

Just checked and a month's supply of insulin costs $6 in Australia

by Cole 5 months ago

if drug cartels start selling insulin instead of blow,crystal and weed
they would make much more

by ajay choudhary 6 months ago

My mom has been a type one diabetic since she was 6 years old. Our family spend a fortune on something she never asked to have, something needs to change

by Condor Panini 5 months ago

In South Africa, a developing country, it costs $0.00. "The greatest country in the world" doesn't care to keep its citizens alive?

by BlaqOnyx 5 months ago

In my country you can get insulin for as cheap as 3$ and going upto 20$ .. The american healthcare system is a total failure

by Otaku Syndrome 5 months ago

2 vials of Patent Insulin in USD (from the same manufacturing facility)
Mexico: $20.00
Canada: $36.00
USA: $340.00

As of 03 Aug 2019

by GERBO The Gerbil 5 months ago

Greed, along with ignorance, is the worst and most challenging evil humanity has to deal with.

by yunicorn 5 months ago

One word: MONOPOLY. Too much power is a great temptation to do unethical things.

by Adam Shannon 5 months ago

Drug dealers who sell insulin are gonna be considered heros

by вlυяq O 5 months ago

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