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The science and controversy behind your lightbulbs

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The tech that powers your lightbulbs has made huge leaps forward in the past few years, and is making a big difference in home energy use. But shifting political winds are now threatening the lightbulb revolution that’s only just begun..
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The indian government actually gave away led bulbs at a subsidised rate to increase it's use and once most people had access to them they realised their efficiency and slowly everyone uses them now

by Sourav Gurnani 5 months ago

As they say, it's expensive to be poor

by Matt 5 months ago

Wait I’m confused at
44% fluorescent
14% LED
6% incandescent
So where’s the remaining 36%? Candles? Phone flashlights?

by John Moore 5 months ago

Who doesn't use LEDs or fluorescent in 2019?? Here in Italy incandescent lights are so rare...

by Emanuele Del Grande 5 months ago

The incandescent bulb in Asia are usually still being sold and used by farmer as heaters for hen and incubator for eggs.

by James Chua 5 months ago

Long story short: Buy LEDs and save money over time.

by Jacob Broughton 5 months ago

I like LEDs

They dont heat up my room (Australian here)

by azmanabdula 5 months ago

To me regulations do not matter, I will choose a more efficient and cheaper to run source of light, I used to use CFL and now I use LED, 100% of my house is LED lit.

by Gregsky 5 months ago

As a student, I swap out the bulbs in the place I stay, if I have to pay for power, with LEDs, and swap them again when I leave, they’ll last around 10years, no way imma let my land lord keep em.

by IlikeTRAINS55 5 months ago

quite misleading. LEDs can be chosen to be narrow, cheap LEDs for lighting are terrible leaning into bluish light, worse than a CFL.

by zodiacfml 5 months ago

What really bothers me about is that the video at no point mentioned that incandescent are banned in the EU since 2008. And btw, LED bulbs were available back then already.

by Rapophie 5 months ago

I only use high pressure sodium lamps in my house.

So yellow

by chistine lane 5 months ago

Yea I really like having over 11 different options of toothpaste when I shop. Make me feel powerful.

by Niklas Gustafsson 5 months ago

Is the other 36% still using candle light? This seems like a bigger issue to me...

by Martin L. 5 months ago

don’t screw it by the glass. It may break. Screw it by the base of the bulb instead.

by Xavier K 5 months ago

I live in a developing country ... and whenever people see incandescent most would be shocked. No one, even the poorest who lives on a budget of less than $3 a day, uses incandescent anymore. Worst would be fluorescent, most are using LED. What the hell America.

by Matthew Lee 5 months ago

Incandescent lightbulbs, unless banned, threaten the LED revolution? I thought it was a no-brainer choice that needed no ‘guidance’ from the State… ;)

by Joao Coelho 5 months ago

The market will go with LED's so let's just relax everyone.

by bigmac 5 months ago

"There are incandescent, fluorescent, LED... It's a lot"
Actually no, basically are just these 3

by Mateus Lira 5 months ago

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