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His Voice Is So Emotional That Even Simon Started To Cry!

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Who is still watching when Corona virus is here and who is watching in 2020

by SPEEDSTAR 11 2 months ago

Lost my cuz 6 year's ago this song feels like am talking to him

by Natasha Brown 4 days ago

Y’all keep putting all this good in world it really helps people in there ups and downs now 300 million people know his story thank you and everyone know Jesus always has a plan especially in your ups and down just know god loves you you are perfect the way you are and no one will ever change that because I and Jesus love you and everyone else reading this I just love all the sad stories they really help me just know that god has a plan and you may ask how i know my great grandma was diagnosed with lung cancer level 3 but she survived and it really touches me that she had to go through that with all that pain but one night i prayed to god and hoped she’d survive and that one night was my miracle that i only thought was in my fantasy. So just know god ALWAYS has a plan if you just pray

by Amerah Kneer 1 week ago

I bet a lot of them, like me, are thinking of past "failed" relationships:(

by Lisa Lamb 2 days ago

Every time I see these talent shows now, I can't take them seriously anymore thanks to that one episode of Black Mirror. Sorry to Simon for losing his mum though :(

by Mat McDaniel 5 days ago

Simon lost his mum to a stroke days before this audition. I guess he came into work because he enjoys listening to people sing, but the emotions were obviously still raw.

by Louis M 3 years ago

This dude touched alot of heart's 💎GOD Bless your Voice and your future in singing, This song Reminded me of my Aunt🌹she died in a Tragic accident amongst all of the passengers she was the only one who died and this song Reminded me of her😭GOD Bless your Voice Man✌️💎

by Elgenin Somseb 2 weeks ago

I almost cried before he started singing 😣

by Zoya Joy 2 days ago

No but he's probably thinking how his best friend should be there with him and supporting him but he can't be😭 I'm crying this is so amazing

by Alex Toroga 2 days ago

Me watching this at midnight and crying. Who is here in 2020 during quarantine

by chloe_ plays 3 weeks ago

Simon lost his mom just a few days before they recorded this episode. Explains why he started crying and the song made him remind him of her. touching video all together

by Keenan Rayne 2 years ago

I love this vocal, I come back to this performance several times and I still have shivers all over my body. Thank you from Poland

by Dawid Kubczyk 2 weeks ago

I lost the love of my life just before Valentine's day my only love I'm so what lonely I wish someone would really lift me up I really feel that I don't have anything else to live for Sheila was the only one I had I'm trying to stay strong but I hurt so much for her please someone send me an encouraging word

by todd pope 2 days ago

Is the man next to her humid? So, not Simon rather the other one...

by Chery girly 2 weeks ago

Pongan los subtítulos en español al comienzo de los 10 segundos 😂😂
The subtitles in spanish xd 😂

by Abril Alpire Vasquez 3 weeks ago

I dedicate this songs to everyone who lost their love one to COVID-19 and any diseases...
People who are reading my comments May GOD Bless You🙏Have healthy life and live long🙏😊

by Wanda Ryngnga 2 months ago

Who is crying on May 2020 too!?

by Let It Be 1 week ago

Who are still watching during this quarantine

by xyzpema 3 weeks ago

watching this at a moment that I'm really heartbroken...God give me strength

by Jonnie Itemb 1 day ago

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