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Bruce Willis best dramatic monologue EVER

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Bruce Willis as David Addison in Moonlighting (4x07 - Father knows last).
David confronts Maddies' father.

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Virginia A. photo 1 Bruce Willis best dramatic monologue... Virginia A. photo 2 Bruce Willis best dramatic monologue... Virginia A. photo 3 Bruce Willis best dramatic monologue... Virginia A. photo 4 Bruce Willis best dramatic monologue...

such a great scene! I still think David Addison was his best role ever.

by ryangie1 7 years ago

Just wanted to remind everyone that Bruce DID win an Emmy for "Moonlighting", and from the scene above I can understand why.

by Richard 2 years ago

Where did this talented and versatile actor go? I want him back! Someone give the man a good script for God's sake! Stupid Hollywood people and their typecasting ran his talent into the ground! He could have been so much more than the steel-look action hero they turned him into :(

by Virginia A. 8 years ago

Biggest thing here to me is that he says, 'there are 4 billion people in the world...' when we're now approaching 8 billion. Scary.

by Zach M 2 years ago

Im sorry about this afternoon, about what I said about the way I said it.Believe it or not, Out of this whole mess, its a tie between things that I did right and things that I did wrong. 

Do you have any idea about how I feel about your daughter? I work with here there, at the same office every day, Every day I see another guy come in and tell me his wife packed the car, left him forever and he wants us to get the car back. 

Then i look over at her, there she is just sitting there. 4 Billion people in the world half of them built for comfort and I choose this one to want to grow old with. 

but thats not good enough for her. She needs time, I have to wait for this one. And maybe you’re right, maybe she’s right, maybe i AM wrong but I don’t think so… I have had to chop myself up into little pieces, my pride, my personality… Everything that I am into little squares for this woman! 

I tried to wear the white hat, I went over to her house one night, heart on my sleeve, cards on the table. Im gonna tell her I love her, I want to marry her, I want to promise her the moon… and excuse me… theres another man there. … thats right.. theres another man there… its okay this is the new millennium… so I waited for her… i waited for her to make up her mind,.. whether she wants him or she wants me… and she finally does… just as I thought… we spend a great month together. 

I wake up one morning and she’s gone… boom…out just like that. Next thing I know she’s at your house. The next news I hear is she’s pregnant… with a baby that may or may not be mine… okay, she’s confused, she wants to go away… she doesn’t know who the father is, I understand that… but she wasn’t even gonna tell me. 

So what do I do? I stayed at hime and I waited.. because she told me to… I wait and I wait and I wait! you know why? Because I love her! because Im crazy about her!

Marry her? Hell yes I’d marry her… I asked her, she said no… so don’t come around here making me the villain, don’t blame this on me. Marry her? Do I love her? Mr. Haze, I’d give up my life for her.

It’s over, All this… this craziness, this attitude, it’s all done. I didn’t come here to tell you your daughter is a bad guy, but I’m not a bad guy either. You said to me today that I was giving up on her and the baby… no I wasn’t, I wasn’t giving up on them, I was giving up on myself. Well thats done, it’s over, if this thing is gonna work, this whole relationship, this whole thing with me and her, the baby, all of it, if it’s gonna work, she needs to come and talk to me now. 

Thank you for listening. 

by Tesh 5 years ago

This was classic Moonlighting. What a hell of an actor Bruce Willis is. He nailed it in that scene. It was believable. I think every woman would love to have a man tell her Father how he felt about her, like David did about Maddie.

by Lila & Scruffy 5 years ago

This show taught me to spend my life chasing women who didn't want me.

by Docktor Jim 4 years ago

I haven't seen this in years, I'd forgotten how good that was. Love the crack in his voice in places, I totally believe he means this...

by Willysmb44 5 years ago

What happened to THIS guy, not Die Hard version 10. Damn.

by pvanganimare 6 years ago

Get. Out. Of. Dodge!  Did Willis just grab those lines and OWN them or WHAT?!?

by Troubleshooter125 5 years ago

Willis is a good actor. Always has been. He was excellent in Looper, 12 Monkeys, Pulp Fiction, and Die Hard. He has shown good range. It just depends on the scripts.

by WarlordRising 6 years ago

What a grossly underrated actor.

by The Scoop! 3 years ago

You're so right! It's incredible just how much emotion this man has and gives here - and in Moonlighting in general. When I first saw this scene, it blew my mind, and though I already adored him as the funny David, I came to respect him even more as the vulnerable, genuine David. There's hardly a thing he can't do, and yet he's unbelievably underrated as an actor, even by himself it seems, given his current films. He's hardly given any time to just BE in the moment anymore as in Moonlighting..

by filmfreak222 7 years ago

This was always his strenght imo. He combined the charismatic swagger with vulnerability.

by daveruda 2 years ago

OMG! Thank you! I came on looking for this. I remember watching this scene 25 years ago and thinking, 'he acted his ass off!!!' No doubt David loved Maddie. 

by Denise Noles 6 years ago

Beautiful acting.

by AI 4 years ago

Bruce Willis playing John MacLaine before Die Hard lol ;)

by Truth Bombs 4 years ago

To all the stupid critics out there arguing that he is only an action movie icon and can't hardly act - well here is one of the many proofs given that he actually is damn good at it. Moonlighting was a great show, the chemistry between Bruce and Cybill was one of the best in a TV series ever.

by Vernostonus 6 years ago

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