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5 Unrealistically HARD Vocals That are Not Made for the Singers

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Hardest vocals / highest notes from famous singers such as Camila Cabello (w/ Fifth Harmony), Demi Lovato (w/ Christina Aguilera), Leigh-Anne Pinnock (Little Mix), Pia Mia, Mariah Carey....
Vocally Epic (Everything About Fail and Epic Moment)

#do it again #moment #taylor swift #fail #christina aguilera #little mix #live #vocal #leigh-anne pinnock #demi lovato #camila cabello #epic #mariah carey #fifth harmony

Vocally Epic photo 1 5 Unrealistically HARD Vocals That... Vocally Epic photo 2 5 Unrealistically HARD Vocals That... Vocally Epic photo 3 5 Unrealistically HARD Vocals That... Vocally Epic photo 4 5 Unrealistically HARD Vocals That...

i can totally hit these notes accurately when i step on a lego

by chigusa yin 1 year ago

Imagine you are trying your best to hit the note, and some rondom person on yt just says

by Blaze Unlit 7 months ago

Me: doesn't understand anything in notes
Also me: still watching it

by seokjinist 3 months ago

really thought those “fLAt”, “StRainEd”, “LiPpEd” comments were funny, until i saw the “???” 💀

by a p 4 months ago

everyone: a singer can't hit high notes every perfomance

ariana grande: hold my hair

by Maria Eduarda Maia 7 months ago

why is no one talking about the “???” i’m dying

by katie ho 7 months ago

The "???" got me dead

by Jk & Jm 6 months ago

Y’all do realize that singing in studio they aren’t moving around and dancing 90% of the time and oh I don’t they get to do multiple takes?? where as live they are moving around the stage and only get the one shot... and have been singing many times for hours upon hours that day between sound checks, rehearsals, and the actual performance...

Not surprising over time singers can’t hit notes...

by Dana Dietz 5 months ago

everyone: a singer can’t hit high notes every night
Beyoncé with her hair in a fan on the 13th day of her tour: I CAN SEE YOUR HALOO

by No Name 7 months ago

I love how Mariah sounds the most like herself. Go girl

by Angela Harwood 8 months ago

I was with my vocal coach and I saw a spider

Me: Hits Bb7
Vocal Coach: O_O

by Pyscopath Boi 5 months ago

people: no one can hit every high note
brendon urie, adding in more: hold my beer.

by murron beaton 5 months ago

Leigh-Anne can actually hit them note in most performances especially live on tour ngl

by FRENCHIE.íe 3 weeks ago

"A singer can't hit high notes at every performance"
Brendon Urie: hold my previous bandmates. SCREAMS

by Irvin Lloyd 5 months ago

Y'all should understand that dodging the notes don't mean they can't hit it. The constant singing and hitting the notes multiple times can actually damage the vocal chords

by here lies my reputation 1 year ago

lets see how long can normani stay in that pose

by Green Rocket 6 months ago

Let's be honest Mariah Carey was that one soprano in chior

by Paige Simmons 3 months ago

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