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Liza Koshy Reacts to Her Met Gala Videos (Harry Styles, Hailey Bieber and more) | Vogue

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As the host of the Met Gala’s red carpet, Liza Koshy has talked to some of the biggest celebrities in the world. Liza looks back at some of her best Met Gala moments from the last couple years including interviewing Harry Styles, Kim Kardashian West, Cole Sprouse, Lizzo, Hailey Bieber, Cardi B and more.
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Liza Koshy Reacts to Her Met Gala Videos (Harry Styles, Hailey Bieber and more) | Vogue

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“Baby you light up the Met like nobody else.”

by Sofia A. 1 month ago

I would have died if I was that close to Harry Styles

by bssni touir 1 month ago

Is she even human the fact that she engaged Kanye west in the conversation and MADE HIM SMILE???

Edit< 4.1K likes ???? Tysmm!!!

by littlechewise X 1 month ago

she made rihanna laugh. SHE WON AT LIFE

by e l l i e 777 1 month ago

LETS ALL AGREE Liza is the absolute best interviewer on that carpet, everything is so lovely to watch (edit: holy thank u for the likes lol)

by Gabby DelCorso 1 month ago

Not a soul:
Liza koshy's one ringlet of hair

by Greta H 1 month ago


absolutely no one:

harry styles: iTs gUcCi

by Lizzy Vintage 1 month ago

I've never wanted to be liza more than ever when she interviewed Harry styles

by savanah 1 month ago

I feel like Cole Sprouse was seriously flirting with Liza but ok

by Bianca 00 1 month ago

They should make her the host every year
She is like iconic

by Udval Smile 1 month ago

can we talk about how at the end of the interview with rihanna she said “praise the lord” and rihanna started laughing

by Eldon Beaudoin 1 month ago

No one:
literally no one:
Tiffany Haddish: I got chicken in my bag SWAG
Omg I love her so much lmao

by Aliyah Romulus 1 month ago

She is literally all of us when talking about Harry Styles x

by Willow A 1 month ago


by rach ross-hamilton 1 month ago

Harry Styles might just be the Rihanna of men.
He could literally wear a plastic bag and we would have no breath to breathe...Dayuuuuumn!!

by Hulda Adriyannah 1 month ago

"And Kanye was like" Mom are you done talking to the neighbors yet?!"" ROFL I died

by Identity Not Found 1 month ago

WHO CARES ABOUT ANY ONE ELSE... I don't see not one comment about how fine Michael b Jordan is

by Alexajade 1 month ago

"I met Cody. Cody's my friend." LITERALLY GOALS

by rakelg 1 month ago

when she said that her whole personality changed when Harry came up to her, ngl i would NOT know how to act if i ever met him.

by venus 1 month ago

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