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I NEARLY DIED in Hardcore Minecraft! (#16)

#wadzee #Nearly dying #hardcore minecraft has never been easier #Endermen farm in hardcore minecraft #Gaming
I nearly died in hardcore minecraft?!! this was a close call! the closest call we've had yet in hardcore Minecraft! In today's episode we manage to build an Endermen XP farm and we get to LEVEL 100!
Endermen XP Farm Tutorial (ShulkerCraft), https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=96yoi...
Hardcore Minecraft has never been easier! ... until i nearly died
*watch the whole series here!
(PLAYLIST) "Minecraft Hardcore Survival Lets Play", https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=U7z9M...
Second Channel Video, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oG83W....
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WadZee photo 1 I NEARLY DIED in Hardcore... WadZee photo 2 I NEARLY DIED in Hardcore... WadZee photo 3 I NEARLY DIED in Hardcore... WadZee photo 4 I NEARLY DIED in Hardcore...

I like how it’s episode 16 and he still hasn’t dyed his bed

by Francesca Moody 1 week ago

"100 levels would be a huge flex"
every hermit: laughs in minecraft tryhard

by splat Gege 1 week ago

when people open up their shops on black friday

by Dave 1 week ago

Flying away to regenerate health: Nah
Putting on a chestplate and almost dying: Yes!

by blockheadalex MC 1 week ago

Didn’t he call his first episode “Hardcore Minecraft is too easy?”

by itsjustjoel 6 days ago

Hey Wadzee, you should have carpets over the hoppers so the xp doesn’t go into the hoppers. Also, use your iron farm so you can get the full beacon

by notyousuf 1 week ago

Wadzee is like the only person to ever encourage “first” comments

by Stephania 1 week ago

Wadzee: we are recruiting for the Wah Wah Army

Me with my 7 alt accounts: Say no more.

by Beep Neep the Sheep 5 days ago

WadZee: Post a new video

Me: School can wait

by Enzo Aganon 5 days ago

Wadzee: endermen farms are the best for experience.
Guardian and pigman farms: are we a joke to you

by krishnan E.M 1 week ago

Enderdragon: does 1 heart of damage

Some enderman bois:

allow us to introduce ourselves

by Barracuda #9099 1 week ago

Wadzee: * Does good to get 100 Levels in hardcore *
Me: I can do that
Me after 1 week: * keeps dying *

by Mr. Dino Lover 6 days ago

Wadzee before: “Hardcore Minecraft is way too easy with my gear.”

Wadzee now: “.......So about that...”

by The King of Antarctica 1 week ago

Every YouTuber we hit 1million in only a year
Wadzee: let’s try to not hit 1 million by the end of next week

by Lofi Tbh 1 week ago

When everything in shop has 90% discount on it and offer is Only for 1DAY!! 😂🤣🤣

by kavita vartak 1 week ago

Put carpets down over the hopper so XP doesn’t get stuck

by GreenArc 1 week ago

Random person: how many e-pearls u got?

Wadzee: y e s

by EIIieTheElephant 6 days ago

You died in hardcore, activate totem is dying, but you are still alive!! The series can continue!!!!! Yaaay

by GhoulKiller 456 1 week ago

Make a storage system for your ender pearls please it’s triggering my ocd

by dr_snakeman 789 1 week ago

I'm not gonna lie, your editing skills are awesome, and I love the "wah wah army propaganda" it's amazing, it's hard to find good content creators these days , and srsly your memes make me laugh !

by PaperMan 5 days ago

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