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St. Louis couple point guns at peaceful protesters calling for Mayor Lyda Krewson’s resignation

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St. Louis couple point guns at peaceful crowd of protesters calling for mayor to resign
A man and a woman in St. Louis pointed guns at protesters who were marching to call for the resignation of Mayor Lyda Krewson on June 28. (averyrisch via Storyful)
The protesters marching through St. Louis on Sunday evening were armed only with posters and chants, all meant to put pressure on Mayor Lyda Krewson to redirect city funds away from law enforcement.
“Resign Lyda, take the cops with you,” they shouted on the way to the mayor’s house in the Central West End, banging on drums and carrying signs that said, “Respect us.” The first-term Democrat had publicly released the names and addresses of some fellow activists, and now they wanted to bring their demonstration to her door.
But as the peaceful crowd of about 500 walked along a private, gated street, a white couple who emerged from a marble mansion had something else in mind.
Around 6 p.m. Sunday, a barefoot man in a pink collared shirt walked out from the five-story house, carrying a semiautomatic rifle as he appeared to threaten the group. A few feet away, a woman pointed a pistol at the crowd, her finger directly on the trigger.
The Washington Post was unable to independently confirm the couple’s identity as of early Monday, at which point a video of the scene on social media had been viewed almost 8 million times.
for more, https://www.washingtonpost.com/nation/2020/06/29/st-louis-protest-gun-mayor/

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The protesters are not peaceful if u on people property

by Enrique Nieves 6 days ago

They were already on private property going through gates before the couple came out. Also the couple was justified. Missouri castle doctrine laws.

by N7 Stellaris 6 days ago

If these protesters are peaceful and merely obnoxious, and that's a big if, then they're practically the only ones.

by BrandonFlorida 6 days ago

Thumbs up - for these two people protecting themselves and their property. BLM and Antifa aren't "peaceful protesters". They're domestic terrorists.
Government officials have shown and stated that they will not protect innocent people from these domestic terrorist mobs.
So the people will protect themselves, by any means necessary.

by Ken Brun 6 days ago

Peaceful protesters, more like angry mob. They had every right to defend their property and themselves!

by Liz Williams 6 days ago

I support peaceful protests, but this is mob action threatening people in their homes and one should expect the people in those homes to prepare to defend themselves.

by Aristotle Stagirus 6 days ago

Private property, Death threats. Totally justified.
MOB violence is deadly serious.
Not protestors......”DOMESTIC TERRORISTS”.

by jet1guy 6 days ago

After seeing all that Looting, Rioting, & Destruction of Property in this Country, I'm sure this couple is in Defense Mode. I'd be worried to if I was seeing this Protesting going on right in front of my house. I have to wonder what provoked these 2 people to come out of their house in the first place and pointing weapons. This video doesn't show that.

by Julie Granzow 6 days ago

Bad tactical positions. Stay up on the balcony.
Always stay behind cover.
If they cross the yard, open fire.

by jet1guy 1 day ago

You mean entering private property peacefully

by Adjojos joe 6 days ago

MSM are liars. Thank God for guns. Peaceful? Is that the new inverted truth for violence. F the news.

by US Vet 6 days ago

This TRULY marks the beginning of a country taking up for itself... and it will be beautiful (not for protestors or looters, mind you).

by Dra O 6 days ago

There going to push too far and they are going to get what they want black America has lost their minds because they have lost the respect of every race. And want to defund the police so what do you think is going to happen when police all over don't show up for work and everyone comes out with their guns to protect themselves. If you ask me they have gotten to the point they don't want to live anymore because they aren't thinking of their actions and don't understand what will happen. Whites don't want a race war but it's like they don't care. What else are people sapos to do if they are pushing the police off the force and stealing and looting our hands are being forced and they aren't seeing the big picture because every race all over the world is watching them. And it's not going to be good for them. Everyone has been warning them even stood by their side telling them it's the left government officials using them to start a race war but it's like they are brain washed because they are setting themselves up removing the police and city officials set to protect them and then going to unleash on the citizens you tell me what is going to happen.

by warren wallace 6 days ago

The news media in the USA is basically asking as a shill for Black Lives Matter, which is a godless organization with a corrupt ideology supporting homosexuality, transgenderism, abortion, and promoting violence against American citizens in order to corrupt our society.
These thugs broke down the gate guarding private property and were engaging in trespassing, but the news media is ignoring this fact. And, the activities of BLM protesters over the last few months has NOT been peaceful. They had every reason to fear violence.
Folks, I highly recommend arming yourself legally. BLM is attempting to defund the police so that they can continue their reign of terror over our country. Weak politicians are bending over backwards for them. My guess is that if the election doesn't go their way this year, toward the leftist agenda, they will attempt to overthrow the government using violent means.
I applaud the couple for defending their property. The only issue is that the lady really shouldn't point the gun at someone until she is ready to fire. The couple said there were arms in the crowd, though, and I wouldn't doubt it because BLM thugs don't play by the rules and are engaging in violence whether they admit it or not. The carnage and wreckage of the past few months proves it.

Realize that our media is leftist and is crafting stories to fit the BLM narrative. Virtually every news story concerning BLM is bent toward this narrative.
Protesters, you are brainwashed thugs. Realize that you are supporting a leftist, Marxist organization that could cause a civil war here.

by Undiluted and Uncensored 4 days ago

I wouldnt doubt theres a 2nd civil war

by Nicolas Cage 6 days ago

If they weren't armed, that house would have been torched 🔥.

by Insert Name Here 6 days ago

ARMS YOURSELVES LAW ABIDING, HARD WORKING AMERICANS! The Government is not on your side anymore! You MUST fend for yourselves! These two are true American Heroes!

by Arhtur Fleck 6 days ago

Ken & Karen’s address: 1 Portland Place, St. Louis, MO 63108

by basterfa84 6 days ago

Some of you are ignorant of the law. The home owners property is only the land in which thier House sits on, not the private community as a whole, nor the common areas nor gate shack out front. Once that couple stood in front of thier home and pointed weapons at protesters on the sidewalk,

They were guilty of criminal brandishing a weapon and in some states its Not necessary to pull the trigger to be charged with assault, just the pointing if the weapon satisfies the statute. Although considering the political climate, I doubt They will be charged with anything. The couple made a non issue into an issue after being threatening and provoking.

All the other neighbors just stayed inside as the protesters made thier way to a politician home.

I do love thier awesome mansion. You can tell who grew up poor, and who is old money.. There the only ones standing outside like a paranoid hillbilly over property.

by K G 6 days ago

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