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Jules Wainstein On Her Divorce From Michael Wainstein | RHONY | WWHL

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RHONY Housewife Jules Wainstein answers some tough questions from Andy Cohen about her divorce and says if she and her estranged husband Michael are still living under the same roof.
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Jules Wainstein On Her Divorce From Michael Wainstein | RHONY | WWHL

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Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen photo 1 Jules Wainstein On Her Divorce... Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen photo 2 Jules Wainstein On Her Divorce... Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen photo 3 Jules Wainstein On Her Divorce... Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen photo 4 Jules Wainstein On Her Divorce...

I wonder why he's so scared of Bethenny? It's like she's his boss

by JoWhKeJo 3 years ago

I love that Dorinda had her back here like a lawyer, filling in the awkward pauses. That's a real friend.

by KevenTalks 8 months ago

Andy is almost frightful to say anything "bad" about Bethanny or be in a conversation about her where she is not necessarily "praised"

by Barbara Ibarra 3 years ago

Lmao Dorinda dragging Bethenny! So good.

And no guys Jules is not drugged, she just doesn't want to get in trouble legally for saying things she can't say.

by Sam Adams 3 years ago

The shorter 'do is much more flattering to Jules. I wish her all the best in the future.

by DegrassiInstantStar 3 years ago

I love how Andy quickly changed the topic once Jules and Dorinda went in on his girl bethanny. What a chump.

by Urias Garcia 3 years ago

I love Jules I hope she stays for another season. She's so sweet

by Ryan Carey 3 years ago

Dorinda always slays! That jumpsuit is amazing!

by Khadijah Chaney 3 years ago

Andy and Bethany sitting in a tree.. he thinks the audience is dumb.

by iDalisMediaTV 3 years ago

That Bethany drag was hilarious. 😂😂

by X2100 3 years ago

WOW andy you brought up the question & then cut them off when they start to drag queen bethenny. You're so fake.

by chasemebaby 3 years ago

Andy Cohen, NY's biggest Yenta ever!

by plutorama 3 years ago

Jules hair looks amazing it makes her look fresh, and she if very beautiful.

by iDalisMediaTV 3 years ago

Jules looks beautiful here. There was a lot of jealousy around her from other housewives on the show.

by Eileen M 6 months ago

Love Jules and Dorinda ! They're the realest tbh.

by SummerDiamandis 3 years ago

I LOVED her and wish she had made it past 1 season. She's gorgeous and hilarious <3

by cem2756 1 year ago

I love her on the housewives she needs to come back on the show ,she do funny .

by Sunshine Mosher 1 year ago

Does Dorinda have a law degree? She's acting like Jules lawyer, interesting.

by tomjan 3 years ago

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