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Lena Dunham & Dua Lipa Dish to Gigi Goode | WWHL

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Drag queen Gigi Goode asks Lena Dunham her least favorite storyline on “Girls” and Dua Lipa rates her hair dye jobs in quarantine.
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'Watch What Happens: Live' is Bravo's late-night, interactive talk show that features guests from the world of entertainment, politics, and pop culture. Hosted by Andy Cohen, the series includes lively debates on everything from fashion, the latest on everyone's favorite Bravolebrities, and what celebrity is making headlines that week. Past guests who have joined Cohen in the Bravo Clubhouse include Sarah Jessica Parker, Tina Fey, Khloe Kardashian, Jennifer Lopez, Liam Neeson, Kelly Ripa, Jimmy Fallon, Anderson Cooper, Jennifer Lawrence, and Lance Bass.
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Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen photo 1 Lena Dunham & Dua Lipa... Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen photo 2 Lena Dunham & Dua Lipa... Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen photo 3 Lena Dunham & Dua Lipa... Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen photo 4 Lena Dunham & Dua Lipa...

Dua Lipa stanning Gigi Goode????? Game recognizes game honestly QUEENS

by Yesaya Ferdinand 1 month ago

“Can I call you Dula peep?” GIGI I LOVE U

by Luiza Biaz 1 month ago

Even if she doesn’t win, hell shes getting recognized left and right by Ariana Grande, now Dua Lipa, the futures bright for her

by Max Gooding 1 month ago

Let’s be honest Gigi has done the most after the season 😂 she legit is doing everything 💚

by Jaymay Harv 1 month ago

"Can I call you Dula Peep?" Lmaooo

by Veri 1 month ago

I want Dua to be a guest judge on Drag Race. Maybe in the UK season (if filming resumes).

by Joanie C 1 month ago

Now dua... Make her the second lead, along side you of course, in the levitating music video... Plz haha

by Victoria Martinez 1 month ago

Even if GiGi doesn’t win she already won, ya know 😛

by Daniel Mendoza 1 month ago

Omg GIGI. Legend supporting legend. This is e-ve-ry-thing

by Le Phuong Anh 1 month ago

you can never miss a comment expressing hate to Gigi in a video featuring gigi goode.
hays stop the hate

by Escanor Lionsin of pride 1 month ago

wait i got excited for gigi😭🤣🥺

by bella b 1 month ago

Wait Gigi is the MVP for calling Dua, DULA PEEP to her face! 😂😂😂

by mak2488 1 month ago

If this didn’t signify Gigi is winning Season 12, I don’t know what is

by Beau Jones 1 month ago

Gigigigigigi, young, campy, and funny. So cute

by Kevin B 1 month ago

gigi looks goooooooooped! That dua knows who she is omg so sweet 😭😂😂😂😂

by Jaden Mülke 1 month ago

Doo La Peep looks so good.

by Mna Iotb 1 month ago

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