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Top 10 Times British Celebs Caused CHAOS On US Talk Shows

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They came. They saw. And they caused total pandemonium! For this list, WatchMojo UK counts down the craziest examples of British celebs appearing on US talk shows. Whether it's Helen Mirren smooching Stephen Colbert, Gordon Ramsay fighting fires with James Corden, Daniel Radcliffe rapping the alphabet or Borat vs Letterman... these are some of the most iconic moments in American TV history.
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Uk comedians are by far the funniest beings on earth.. 💯🤣

by Anthony Kelly 3 weeks ago

I hate when people think that Mr.Bean is the pinnacle of Mr.Atkinson’s acting career.

by Umid Hasanov 2 weeks ago

Unwatchable. Just show us the clips and stop blathering over everything.

by nitramyar 8 months ago

i think americans have a different definition of chaos from us brits

by glasgow john 9 months ago

For the love of god stop talking. You ruined the video. Let us watch the clips you are showing

by daedralord1 8 months ago

“Rather bite the head off a bat” didn’t age very well 🙈

by vindya14 1 month ago

This video could be improved no end by simply removing the insufferable commentary.

by Stuart McGuire 7 months ago

Rowan Atkinson didn't caused chaos, YOU DID with you clickbait.

by ExperiencedGhost 8 months ago

I was looking forward to seeing this. But the constant narrative was extremely annoying. You need to let the clips play with the audio (stop talking over them, you may like the sound of your voice. No one else cares) I won't be watching anymore of your clips. Thanks for ruining them!!!!

by dickodicko007 9 months ago

Erm, I'm at , and I'm still waiting for chaos.

by jamie baldwin 3 weeks ago

Jesus, nobody invite this guy to a wedding. "Do you, Joanne take this ma-" THE PRIEST IS ASKING JOANNE WHETHER SHE TAKES HER FIANCÉ TO BE HER HUSBAND - IN A MOMENT THEY'LL DO RINGS!!!

by Daniel Croft 3 months ago

All the “host” or “narrator” talk.
Just edit the clips together.
No talking needed.
The clips stand on their own.

by John Ahern 7 months ago

Daniel Radcliffe rapping is still one of the great delights that exist online. plus he is just adorable and i am pleased to have a guy like him as a representative for people with Dyspraxia. lot of love for Daniel Radcliffe.

by Lucy Preece 9 months ago

FOR FKS SAKE STOP talking over the clips

by lazy coconut 9 months ago

Get a dislike but not for the clips but for the annoying voiceover.

by sam Thorne 8 months ago

Loose the talking head, edit the bits together. No need for all that talk.

by John Ahern 7 months ago

Its funny Rowan Atkinson plays such a dim Witt as mr bean when he has a genius level IQ

by B.Roberts 5 months ago

Never invite Russell Brand anywhere, unless you can take the heat.

by Julia Naylor 5 months ago

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