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Urban Geography: Why We Live Where We Do

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Rich Americans live in the Suburbs; Rich Europeans live downtown. Why do cities on the two continents have different structures?
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US cities tend to have worse public transport than European cities too.

by KHRrocks 3 years ago

Public transport in Los Angeles: get in your car and drive

by barcafan 6 months ago

Important factor for European cities is that many of them were built before XIV century, when fortifications and city walls defined where people could live safely. Larger cities had several circles of walls and a citadel in the middle, but even smaller villages usually had a fortified church that acted as a storage for provisions and became a shelter in case of an attack, so the closed to the center = the safer.

by Traveller's Tales 3 months ago

It'd be interesting to have the same comparison with Tokyo.

by Enno 11 months ago

"Rich Americans are therefore are beginning to return to the city."
cuts to picture of Vancouver, Canada

by Adam Burnett 3 years ago

>an astronomical 2245 murders...
[Laughs in Brazilian]

by Cรช 7 months ago

man, most of these skyscrapers in nyc are offices

by Sky 201 9 months ago

"A gallon of gas costs as much as $7" LOL
Try $10/gallon. at least for Denmark

by TeFaZ 1 year ago

"Americans spent an average of 4.25h per week for commuting."

Me: Laughs as she spends 12.5 h per week to commute in Germany

by Yahone 4 months ago

Don't forget, European cities were not made for cars (remembers London...โ€ฆ..)

by Ash Greninja 1 year ago

Rich American: mostly live in the suburb
Rich uropean: mostly live in super dense city
Me: laugh in Indonesian with rich people live just side by side with a poor village

by Reza Koplak406 7 months ago

A pretty good video and fairly accurate from my knowledge of the issues I'd say, but you seem to omit the role that zoning has played in many American cities, creating massive areas with singular land use (e.g. business district) vs multiuse.

by DavidTheScientist 1 year ago

You have an interesting claim at the start of the video, where you claim that Paris packs almost its entire population inside the city. Maybe we should find a common definition of the term city, because while Paris itself is rather small and very densely populated (with 2m inhabitants), it is the center of a very large urban area, with kilometers of suburbs.. And 12m inhabitants. This takes the population density of the entire Paris urban area to about 4.500 inhabitants per square kilometre according to the Wikipedia page "unitรฉ urbaine de Paris" (I don't have the figure in square miles, sorry).
And these suburbs are very essential to the life of the city, they're not just there by happenstance.

by Adrien Lamotte 7 months ago

"It probably seems obvious..."
Me: Yeah, obviously Paris.
"New York."
Me: No.

by Jason Eaton 3 months ago

i live in a little medival city in Poland(Darล‚owo 16thousands citizen), i have plenty od friend in US and Canada. Except that we earn much less than in America, from that what my friends say i live in PARADISE, the standard of living is high, crime almost does not exist. I wanted to emigrate becouse of my earnings but i will never do it becouse my friends made me realize that if i will move to America i will lost a lot!
and this is this moment when i am so proud of my country p.s sorry for my english

by Dzingis Han 9 months ago

In Warsaw you can go almost 30 minutes past the city border in a bus, and I am surprised that that info is shocking to Americans.

by VoyTech 6 months ago

That lead graph.... "There are three kinds of lies: lies, damned lies, and statistics."

by Pusalieth 4 months ago

"So that's why we live where we do. It's a complicated, controversial, and surprisingly political history." And you didn't even mention race!

by Michael Waddell 2 years ago

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