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Beyoncé "Black is King” | Disney+ Teaser Trailer

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“Black is King” will premiere globally on Disney+ on July 31, 2020 and will arrive on the heels of the one-year anniversary of the release of Disney’s global phenomenon “The Lion King.”

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Anyone confused why this is on Disney though ?

by LeJane Baker 1 week ago

July 31 is way too long 🥺 I am sick from waiting.

by Sunset 2 days ago

I am so so excited for this!!!! I can't wait to see it!!! Looks iconic

by BeyFan Bey 1 day ago

What song is the vocal line at taken from? Is it on ‘The Gift’?

by Aaron Tremper 1 week ago

I hope this will show how the African nation sold, and still are selling their own people into slavery.

by The Machinist 1 week ago

"Symbolism will be their downfall. Those that know, cannot sleep," Q.
Should be interesting to watch...

by Selena Tracy-Pettross 1 week ago

Looks good! I love Beyonce.

by Fallon Cho 4 hours ago

Anybody else confused that Beyoncé is dropping an album on Disney+?

by Andrea Maccarrone 6 days ago

I can't wait for them to rename Snow White.

by Timmer 6 days ago

Vraiment impatient de suivre cette magnifique oeuvre.
Merci à Beyoncé qui s'est servi du roi lion, un film utilisant les dialectes et histoire Africaine ( plus précisément Sud Africains ) d'avoir fait un album (lettre d'Amour à l'Afrique ) honorant l'Afrique de toute part, avec des Artistes Africains tout azimut. Et ensuite d'avoir pendant plus d'un an, fait ce film porté sur les contes, le passé glorieux de l'Afrique.
Merci de montrer et de raconter une autre histoire que celle d'une Afrique désunis, sale, en proie à la famine, aux guerres, la misère etc....
Merci d'avoir fait appel aux artistes africains à travers toute l'Afrique pour tous les aspects de ce projets ( Nigérians, ghanéens, kenyans, sénégalais, camerounais, sud Africains....)
Enfin merci pour tous tes engagements en Afrique ( global Citizen en Afrique du Sud, 7 milliards de dollars récoltés ) ( beygood au Burundi, Nigeria....)
Puis tes nombreuses visites en Afrique ( Nigéria, Afrique du Sud, Égypte, Éthiopie, Gabon....)
Merci beaucoup !!!

by andrex532 danx 2 days ago

I mean i kinda liked the gift album BUT i love Solo Bey songs! SHE is everything! HOPE that there will be a few more new songs on it. Othervise its hard to create a new hype for the songs from the past year. I love u QUEEN B❤

by Mr. Knowles Carter 1 week ago

Okay, i lost my breath for a sec 🤯🤯🤯🤯

by Octavia Sithole 1 week ago

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