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Mack Speed - Lee Mack's Quick Wit on Would I Lie to You?

#WILTY #Comedy
At Mach Speed - Compilation of almost all of Lee Mack’s quick witted moments on Would I Lie to You?
Lee Mack Quick Wit Would I Lie to you?
Lee Mack Funniest Moments
Best of Lee Mack Compilation

WILTY? Nope! photo 1 Mack Speed - Lee Mack's... WILTY? Nope! photo 2 Mack Speed - Lee Mack's... WILTY? Nope! photo 3 Mack Speed - Lee Mack's... WILTY? Nope! photo 4 Mack Speed - Lee Mack's...

Highlighting the best of Lee's one-liners. (This is not a complete list)

- What was Spuds real name?

- The Flamenco Dancer

- Lie, lee?

- Shoplifting

- The Methodist church

- Buttered pants

- Is it me you’re looking for? (

- The Restraining order.

- Doctor who?

- The Eggheads

- Where’s Waldo?

- Let’s just say money changed hands.

- Who was the trumpeter?

- Faye Ripley’s Dad

- Does Bruce Forsyth play his cards right?

- The Rumble in the Jungle

- The Exorcist

- Jimmy Carr’s virginity

- Asda or Tesco?

- Penguin Biscuits

- The Sex hotline

- When does he dream of a potato?

- No-one likes David

- Lee know’s how to negotiate

- Chinese characters

- How Fast Can the Dominoes Fall?

- The catwalk move

- Men are so indecisive.

- She better not be pregnant!

- Let’s start with the Ram in the cupboard

- Good point.

- But your wife’s an awful woman though?

- We are not talking about big numbers here.

- Ebay

- Did anyone see your genitalia?

- It’s a semi-truth

- What was the pregnant dog’s name?

- Don’t treat the cat like a book!

and - Greg Rutherford is a British track and field athlete who specialises in long jumps.

- Was the dog Blind?

- Hot Pants

- Not everything should be mashed together

- Fog Or Mist?

- What was the matter with the cat’s personality?

- Lavatories are just for me.

- What’s an inflatables course?

- Do you need help with big words?

- The One and Only

- What did Cliff Richards sing?

- Are you Dick or Dom?

- Waking up to pee.

- George Michael Busted In Bathroom

- Feacesitious?/ Did you take a bus?

- Perfect Pitch.

- Joggers without trousers.

- Camberwick Green

- I can’t go on boats anymore!

- Double entendre

- It’s a Diana Ross song.

- Wind Walkers

- The Football Manager

- Where did you find the mouse?

- Those who walk in the path of the Lord.

- Rachel Riley vs Carol Vorderman

- How did John get into a sledging accident?

- Which oar did you come back with?

- In Wales, we don’t like the oo sound.

- How long have you been seeing her for?

- Where do you buy candles?

- You sound like Dolly Parton

- What’s BeeJam?

- The Redcoats.

by WILTY? Nope! 2 years ago

The person behind this channel deserves a massive pat on the back. So many compilations, nicely selected and edited together. As an editor, I can confirm the previous comment about how much work this is: each of these must take days. 'Wilty! Nope', your hard work is massively appreciated!

by Jake Evara 1 year ago

I really like David Mitchell when he goes on his rants, but this compilation makes me like Lee Mack a lot more than I used to... it seems like every time David makes a joke that doesn't quite land, Lee makes a comment that makes it work. Great showmanship.

by Chris K. 2 years ago

He's so quick that it takes longer to understand and get the joke than it does for him to think of it

by Liam Sullivan 2 years ago

Lee on talking about exorcists -
"Its a good job because if you couldn't afford to pay the bill they'd come back and repossess you home".
Probably the cleverest, quickest joke ive ever witnessed.

by prov dawg 1 year ago

I don’t think much of Lee Mack’s scripted work, but credit where credit’s due: he’s amongst the very fastest improvisers out there. He’s as sharp as Paul Merton was at his peak.

by hutch1979music2 2 years ago

Me: "Lee Mack's quick wit on...oh...it's over 2 hours. No chance I'm sitting through that. I'll just watch a few minutes."

2 hours and 7 minutes later...

Me: "Hmm...do I watch that again?"

by Paul O'Malley 1 year ago

- Do you have any connection with popular culture?
- None what so ever... Big fan of yours though.
Just the perfect response.

by OriginalMindTrick 2 years ago

I love that David Mitchell repeatedly bursts into laughter. You know you're funny if you can make him laugh that much on a regular basis!

by Hus 2 years ago

That quip about the "repossessing of the house" () was just spectacular. It was so quick, yet so involved. There are probably single-digits, of humans, at any one point in history, who could've reacted in that manner.

by QQ 1 year ago

I love Lee’s smile when he knows he’s said something good - the enjoyment and pride radiates and makes it all the more funny!!

by Anna Norfield 7 months ago

Sometimes it looks like he's so quick witted that even he is surprised with what he's just said.

by Jamie Lievesley 6 months ago

Honestly I think he’s funnier on panel shows than during his standup, he plays off people so well 😂

by ArtisticPixie 2 years ago

I watch WILTY clips every night to ease my anxiety as I try and fall asleep. Thanks 🥰

by Felix King 7 months ago

I love Miles Jupp so much, he always seems like he's there just to have a laugh.

by azmanic 1 year ago

I think one of the best things about Lee is, on the rare occasion that David's joke lands flat, Lee comes to the rescue with a witty remark and everyone's cracking up again!

by s10dlka 2 years ago

they cut the best bit..... she answers with a french accent and throws everyone off by far the best they have ever had on there.

by Ghost EndGame 9 months ago

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