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WORLD Watch News in 3: 'Sayonara' to State Flag, Monsoon Season, Pandemic Pregnancies, Slow Robot

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Miss. won't miss its flag
Both state house and state senate voted overwhelmingly to replace Mississippi's flag. Learn what the new one will look like.
Too soon for monsoons
India's brief monsoon season arrives early. The floods are good for agriculture but dangerous for farmers.
What to expect when you're expecting (during a pandemic)
One out of every four pregnant mothers missed a prenatal visit in March or April due to COVID-19 concerns.
No need for speed
This hyper-energy-efficient robot mimics its flesh-and-blood namesake. See what Slothbot can do..
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WORLD Watch News in 3, the newest current events resource for teens from WORLD News Group, is a free, 3-minute video delivered each weekday. It offers a sneak peek into the WORLD Watch current events product launching in August and helps middle and high school students develop critical thinking skills and discernment through quick, biblically sound news briefs.

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