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DRAGO Vs ROCKY - ( "He's Cut" ) fight scene in High Definition (HD) **WOW**

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Here's the 2nd half of Rocky Balboa fighting Ivan Drago (Dolph Lundgren) in "Rocky IV"(4). In this half watch Rocky cut Drago, and then the fight taking a turn. One mans quest for self mastery.
" Make some NOISE, and make it Clear " YAMOS.
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it doesn't get said often enough, but Tony Burton really shines here, you really feel that he is passionate about this fight. What an actor. Anyone else agree??

by retrograde87 4 years ago

Tony Burton: "YOU CUT HIM YOU HURT HIM!!! YOU SEE YOU SEE, HE'S NOT A MACHINE HE'S A MAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"
Loved his acting especially this part, legendary. RIP

by Brian Chua 3 years ago

If boxing was really like this, I'd actually watch it.

by GC 5 years ago

Rocky taught me that life will come at you like a 7 foot Russian boxer, and every time you go down, you get the hell back up and don't quit till he's down and out.

by Humza Khan 5 years ago

If Rocky 4 didn't make you want to be a boxer something is wrong with you

by Jyaer Lewis 4 years ago

"You cut him...you hurt him! You see? You see?...he's not a machine, he's a man!"

by Ferruccio Guicciardi 4 years ago

"HE'S NOT A MACHINE!! HE'S A MAN!!! NO PAIN!! NO PAIN!!!" - WOW Duke could inspire me to run through the FLAMES OF HELL wearing a paper suit!!!!!!

by ConcreteSurfer420 2 years ago

You want it more than he does!!!!

No pain
No pain
No pain

God damn
What a coach right there

by Dominique Odom 1 year ago

Not a Rocky movie without Tony Burton screaming NO!!!!!!! R.I.P

by The Observer 3 years ago

They sure don't make movies like they use to.

by Nicky T 4 years ago

I speak Russian. At he said, He's not human. He is like a piece of iron.

by Fanik10 4 years ago

At that period in time, had the crowd started cheering for Rocky then every single one of them would have found government officials waiting for them when they got home.

by Elthenar 4 years ago

YOU CUT HIM, YOU HURT HIM! YOU SEE?! YOU SEE?! HE'S NOT A MACHINE, HE'S A MAN! That scene still gets to me and sends tingles down my spine 😆😆😆

by Richie Rick 4 years ago

Rocky sure as hell did have Apollos Spirit fighting with him on that night

by Kael Edmond 2 years ago

Goodbye Tony Burton, damn a heavy heart today. A staple in the Rocky movies that will be missed. I was hoping he would have been in Creed. Thank you for the memories!

by blast from the past 4 years ago

rocky 4 will all ways be the best rocky movie

by Earl Edmonds 4 years ago

Can we take a moment to notice how Drago had good acting. He barely talked, but he sent chills down your spine. I dont have to say anything about Sly.

by Monkey Plays Madden 3 years ago

I want Duke in my corner for life!

by wyattdawg 3 years ago

And still to this day possibly one of the greatest movie soundtracks ever, I don't think it has aged bad at all!

by Duncan Mills 1 year ago

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