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Young Dolph - Blue Diamonds (Official Video)

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Listen to the single "Blue Diamonds". Out now!
Stream: https://empire.ffm.to/bluediamonds.oyd
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Official music video by Young Dolph performing "Blue Diamonds" © 2020 Paper Route EMPIRE

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YoungDolphVEVO photo 1 Young Dolph - Blue Diamonds... YoungDolphVEVO photo 2 Young Dolph - Blue Diamonds... YoungDolphVEVO photo 3 Young Dolph - Blue Diamonds... YoungDolphVEVO photo 4 Young Dolph - Blue Diamonds...

That’s how u know u in the hood when There’s icy cups and a candy lady

by JAMAL OTAT 9 hours ago

shidd if the candy lady was that fine i would’ve bought more then freeze cups and candy

by 1jordanx * 8 hours ago

A woman's loyalty to her man is tested when he has nothing

A man's loyalty to his woman is tested when he has everything

by The Queen of Sheba 10 hours ago

You really going to appreciate Dolph music with good speakers. Beat is hard

by FatalTM 9 hours ago

He said its a shortage of real dudes i felt that

by Damien Forbey 9 hours ago

Dolph getting so much better with rap. It’s like the more he does it the better he gets. Don’t get me wrong I’ve always liked his style but the flow is getting crisp 👌🏾

by JadeAppeall 9 hours ago

Where the “scrolling through the comments while listening” gang at 🤙🏽🔥

by Oscar 10 hours ago

they say if u listen too Dolph for a month straight u increase your wealth.

by FatalTM 9 hours ago

When the intro long af you know dolph is about to go in

by Moustafa Houmsi 10 hours ago

Young Dolph: I’m full of blue diamonds

👀: All I see is blue dress and a 🧢

by samuel odei 6 hours ago

She aint put enough sugar in the kool aid
And where that album at cuzo

by IT WAS WRITTEN 10 hours ago

If you feeling this vibe hit 👊 like young Dolph is a living legend

by Foreign Boy 10 hours ago

Think this day dolph cashed out on the food truck for everybody inna hood

by Forever Land-O 9 hours ago

At the intro part, I thought my speaker wasn’t functioning good. Dolph good

by Mazi _Highpriest 7 hours ago

Been waiting on this since it was playing in the background on his insta

by James Lindholm 9 hours ago

Bro u didn't have to go so hard u killed this
My G 💪🏾

by Kingpin Empire 7 hours ago

"You was short last time"🤦🏽‍♀️

by Noodle Reese 10 hours ago

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