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Overwatch: Mercy Healing BUFF! - HUGE Moira NERFS!

Your Overwatch photo 1 Overwatch: Mercy Healing BUFF! -... Your Overwatch photo 2 Overwatch: Mercy Healing BUFF! -... Your Overwatch photo 3 Overwatch: Mercy Healing BUFF! -... Your Overwatch photo 4 Overwatch: Mercy Healing BUFF! -...


by Your Overwatch 2 weeks ago

Moira: They believed my methods were too radical, too controversial. They tried to silence me.

by Santiago 2 weeks ago

Alright, I’m well aware this doesn’t really belong here but, I’m trying to get more people’s attention on this topic. I’m deaf with aided hearing implants I’ve been playing overwatch for about 2 years now I play on console. I’ve noticed that Blizzard has added subtitles to the game a while back. The deaf overwatch community is trying to get more customizable options for the subtitles. Many deaf gamers can’t even use the subtitles because they’re so small and placed too far down on the screen. I’m trying to get as many people to support this push so Blizzard can hopefully see it.

by Laura Kelsey 2 weeks ago

Every old Mercy player: Don’t do this, don’t give me hope

by Marie Frazier 2 weeks ago

Just want to note that increasing Moira's projectile speed is more of a nerf, since it means the orb will spend less time on a target.

by Emile David de Kadt 2 weeks ago

Papa Jeff: "You hate getting destroyed by random bouncing balls? Okay let's nerf moira's 'skill orb' into the ground.
Also Papa Jeff: "Let's give Junkrat a huge buff cus I feel like there aren't enough random bouncing balls destroying people."

by alpharage 2 weeks ago

“Moira plays close to the team“
90% of moira behind the enemy flanking

by Martin Okon 2 weeks ago

Blizzard really thinks Ana mains need that nerf? We already can’t aim stop. -Ana main

by starlightsilvernight 2 weeks ago

I feel like the Bastion buff will have the same effect as when they buffed Reaper. Where it made him better in the top levels, but overwhelming in the lower ones.

by Derpy Derp 2 weeks ago

As a gold player I can't stand a bastion cause my team never knows how to handle it and then we lose

by Oriya Sofer 2 weeks ago

Boi she got 5 more healing and junkrat gets turned into Jesus Christ and you think pharmercy is going to take over? h u h

by Aiden Mcgilvary 2 weeks ago

Honestly, every single change to Moira’s orbs was a nerf. The LAST thing you want your orb to do is go fast. It just means you’ll be healing and damaging a still target (Say, a tank, which Moira excels at healing) less, unless they are in a choke or building in which you can ricochet the ball. Even then, the orb will be gone 3 seconds sooner. Damage orb does need a nerf, don’t get me wrong, but this is taking it WAY too far.

by Norf 2 weeks ago

Overwatch Team: Hey we never banned Junk Rat at all during role ques... maybe we should give him some buffs!

by Scourge 2 weeks ago

Ana leant Mercy some of her healing.

by Jemma Scott 2 weeks ago

The projectile speed “buff” on Moira is actually more of a nerf because the orb will just move past people too quickly to do enough damage/healing.

by Fell Ragnarok 2 weeks ago

Well stated! My thoughts precisely. I main Ana and I'm confused by their decision to make a hero with a high skill ceiling less enjoyable to play. Ana requires precise and accurate map knowledge and game sense in order to perform well, on top of a strong fps foundation due to her weapons demanding superb aim. Blizzard discussed the sleep dart nerf (blanket nerf to all stuns), and now a primary fire healing nerf. I am a very upset grandma.

by Bradley Johnson 2 weeks ago

Okay, you're calling -5 Healing for Ana, +5 Healing for Mercy and a somewhat bad attempt to nerf Moira a nutty rework to Supports?! 😂

I find it nutty that Junkrat will now rule over console Overwatch.

by Legendäres Item aus Pandora 2 weeks ago

Everybody: Mercy buff?
Overwatch: OK! (also buffs Bastion & Junk while nurfing Ana & Moira)

by James Bullo 2 weeks ago

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