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Overwatch: NEW Doomfist NERFS! - ALL Anniversary 2020 Event Skins!

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The Anniversay 2020 patch is LIVE! Bringing live many of the Experiemental changes, buffing Bastion Junkrat Mercy, nerfing Ana and Doomfiist?! A New set of Doomfist changes makes the hero a bit easier but lowers the power level at a higher level, slowing him down will make it easier to stun or interrupt his dives. Also, NEW Legendary anniversay 2020 event skins!.
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Your Overwatch photo 1 Overwatch: NEW Doomfist NERFS! -... Your Overwatch photo 2 Overwatch: NEW Doomfist NERFS! -... Your Overwatch photo 3 Overwatch: NEW Doomfist NERFS! -... Your Overwatch photo 4 Overwatch: NEW Doomfist NERFS! -...

My teams couldn't handle OLD Bastion, ranked is gonna be hell until people learn how to play the game properly.

by Billy Blaze 1 week ago

Dude CHIPSA jumped off the map so they decide to nerf doom lmao

by SixIqGenjiMain 1 week ago

Everyone: buff Zen's healing
Blizzard: ya know... Zen needs a little bit more damage output...

by King Edgaroni Of Figaro 1 week ago

Just as Chipsa gets his debut lol!

by Camokarzi 1 week ago

Mercy snatched some of Ana's healing

by Dc3 1 week ago

โ€œMore teamwork than beforeโ€ meanwhile Xbox players canโ€™t use voice chat

by Drewdreds 1 week ago

Most importantly did they finally put in the queue time fix when you have a comp match cancelled by someone leaving?

by Shevek 1 week ago

Chipsa shaking in his chair right now

by Just Forest 1 week ago

So bastion is going to be immortal until he gets patched again

by Zach Snyder 1 week ago

These really arent nerfs my dude, sacrificing some speed for accuracy is 100% a buff and with actual good Doom players itll be more reliable

by Hesitant 1 week ago

When people backed up too the damage orb, that was the bomb, now it doesn't really do that anymore...

by Christopher Cubbage 1 week ago

Blows that signa ain't dancing with a rock but hey he still got a dance emote

by Carlos Sanchez 1 week ago

welp that small nerf on ana make her so much more difficult too keep up with other healer ... i don't understand the thinking behind it ...

by Eiko 1 week ago

Some serious "Legend of Dragoon" vibes from that Mercy skin.

by Riptide Gaming 1 week ago

Echo needs some nerfs she can do to many things in a single character

by Lorenzo Delicato 1 week ago

Words cannot describe how much joy I feel every time I see Dumbfist get nerfed

by Surge _ 1 week ago

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