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Do These Color Illusions Trick Your Eyes?

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Do these color illusions hurt your brain? Comment your favorite trick below!
A big thanks to Canon for sponsoring these illusions with their Canon PIXMA Printers - https://Canon.us/ZachKing
Sunset Birds and Traffic Lights illusions inspired by Dr. Akiyoshi Kataoka's work.
Check out his many fascinating illusions on his Twitter page: https://twitter.com/AkiyoshiKitaoka
Website: http://www.ritsumei.ac.jp/~akitaoka/index-e.html.
Special thanks to Jessica Strick, Lead Exhibit Developer at the Exploratorium - https://www.exploratorium.edu/
Watch Furniture Illusions (this video might really trick your eyes) - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FHJ3CMWnVxY
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Zach King photo 1 Do These Color Illusions Trick... Zach King photo 2 Do These Color Illusions Trick... Zach King photo 3 Do These Color Illusions Trick... Zach King photo 4 Do These Color Illusions Trick...

We put so much love into this video, I hope you enjoy it! LIKE the video if you are here before the premiere!

by Zach King 1 day ago

Does anyone else love the feeling of almost breaking your brain

by Von Nook 11 hours ago

Me: looks at thumbnail

Also me: Wait. . . Is Zach a bird too?

by XNight ReaperX 8 hours ago

Zach: stare at this dot and donโ€™t let anything distract you My Wifi: Time to slow things down........ :) Me: ... WHYYYYYYYY WIFI

by Galaxy Elissa Is Gaming ! 8 hours ago

The seagull one was cool I was like "no I don't see another seagull"

by Elizabeth Afton 12 hours ago

"If you talk to a man in a language he understands, that goes to his head. If you talk to him in his own language, that goes to his heart."
- Nelson Mandela

by Y-U-C-Me? 3 hours ago

ME: it all looks green to me
Also Me: oh wait..

by Classy Isaac 10 hours ago

I'm sending you guys my doctor bill, because I couldn't close my mouth for the duration of this video. Jaw on the floor.

by Star Brand 11 hours ago

Who else saw the yellow duck for a very long time

by Edwin Niemandt 2 hours ago

Zach: Look at 'em colors

Colorblind People: Sad Colorblind Noises

by KilleRed X 55 minutes ago

I showed the last illusion to my brother and he started dancing on the floor

What a guy

by John Johns 6 hours ago

I didnโ€™t know Zach was a bird...

by Gavin Chen 9 hours ago

I almost had a heart attack at , despite seeing many of that trick, I still didn't see it coming.

by munzeer esir 11 hours ago

โ€œDo you see three birds?โ€

intense staring at Zach

by Grace Dai 9 hours ago

There's a game that involves colors and it always tricks my eye. Its called "I love hue" its like a color puzzle.

by Dragon_Fruit_Tea 5 hours ago

Zach: don't let these illusions trick your eyes

Me: i already know I'm going to be tricked

by Green Spider Sauce 2 hours ago

Thumbnail : did you see three birds?
Me : yeah 2 seagulls and one chicken.

by Jameson Dude 14 hours ago

Me: * looks at the thumbnail *
The thumbnail: "Do you see three birds?"
My brain: I control this person. I decide he will see two birds.
Me, after looking at the thumbnail: nope, I don't see two birds.

by Siri // GMD Partitionhlep 3 hours ago

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