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NCT 127 - 'MAKE YOUR DAY' (너의 하루) Lyrics [Color Coded_Han_Rom_Eng]

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By - Zaty Farhani
Translation by KosmoSubZF
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Zaty Farhani photo 1 NCT 127 - 'MAKE YOUR... Zaty Farhani photo 2 NCT 127 - 'MAKE YOUR... Zaty Farhani photo 3 NCT 127 - 'MAKE YOUR... Zaty Farhani photo 4 NCT 127 - 'MAKE YOUR...

Anyone can help me with their title song? :p

by Zaty Farhani 2 weeks ago


by E.J. Edulan 2 weeks ago

ayyyyyyyyyyyyyy we finally have junguwu here in the vocal lineeee

by Loving fullsun_MJ 2 weeks ago

No one talking about hyuck's ad libs, but here I'm– crying and can't get over it (╥﹏╥)

by あいりょう 2 weeks ago

Although having the least lines, each line of Jungwoo makes me feel amazing. The way he handles and treats the melody specially, his voice is also iconic and so sweet. JungUwU deserves all the world !

by Truong Nguyen 2 weeks ago

NCT’s vocals are no joke omg!! All of them could easily pass as main vocals

by Prince Jaehyun 2 weeks ago


by Kim Yeji 2 weeks ago

jaehyun’s voice in this song took me OUT. but they all sound heavenly

by Blob K 2 weeks ago

Did I just hear Jungwoo's voice in the chorus??
Show them you deserve your spot Junguwu 💓

by Some Twice fan 2 weeks ago

is the best part of this song. Haechan is amazing. I’m waiting for his solo.

by Leo Kwiatek 2 weeks ago

this line is so exquisite. the combination of jungwoos soft pretty voice and haechans adblibs. chef's kiss I'm crying

by dua syed 2 weeks ago

official statement said they ate CD thats why they sound angelic here im cryin 😭

by yellowmilkshakee 2 weeks ago

Jungwoo killed it

by Kacy 2 weeks ago

, Damn jungwoo vocalist coming through!!!

by Jay Taduyo 2 weeks ago

jungwoo finally getting those lines yessss. and he sounds AMAZING omg

by eugenia * 2 weeks ago

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