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I Surprised Brent Rivera With A Custom iPad Pro Mural - Tik Tok

This was Insane, I Can't Believe We Did This For Brent Rivera!
Hope you enjoyed! Make sure to enter the iPad Mini Mural giveaway! Thanks for watching:)
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ZHC photo 1 I Surprised Brent Rivera With... ZHC photo 2 I Surprised Brent Rivera With... ZHC photo 3 I Surprised Brent Rivera With... ZHC photo 4 I Surprised Brent Rivera With...

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Thanks to Brent and his entire team for doing this with us!
IG: @Brentrivera
Congrats Ludmilla Liskun for winning one of the custom iPhones!

by ZHC 3 days ago

Only the people that haven’t won a giveaway can like this comment

by Lucky Karma 3 days ago

People at the apple store be like:
Hey Zach what do you need today and who are you surprising?
You go to the apple store so many times they know your name😂

by mariyam zahira 12 hours ago

"United states of America"
Reason: I have an LG andriod, the camera sucks, and it is very slow.

by Connie Braden 9 hours ago

The “squidward face” is what is drawn on the window of my middle school bus...

by LilandRie 7 hours ago

My brain: ZHC is officially an apple store
My heart: I want a giveaway

by Rana Abdulla 12 hours ago

ZHC and leo: " TIME TO BUY MORE I-PADS!" The manager of apple store: " Do u want the usual?"

by Nerdy Youtuber 9 hours ago

Michelle when school ends: bye!!

Zhc: no don’t go...

Also him: I wish I had someone to have 😢

by Celia Pearman 11 hours ago

I feel bad for Jeremy he wanted one 🥺

by Toleen Mazhar 8 hours ago

1% of the people will see this :)


✨🌈I l💖ve you...✨🌈
⚡️💥And your too ⚡️💥wholesome and enough for me...💖💗✨

by Genevieve Gonzalez 4 hours ago

This is how many people haven’t won a giveaway!

by Paulina García 3 days ago

Reason : I don't have a phone and I'm a huge fan.

by Shane Rules 4 hours ago

Reason: the mine is working really bad (the camera is also broke) and i would love to have a new one.

My country is a meme now i-

by Feña aa 1 hour ago

Reason: soon its my sister birthday can i please suprise it with this phone? Good luck 🙏

by Aranda Noela 3 hours ago

Awww..he’s such a nice person to do this for people..he literally makes so many peoples days:)

by Pari Singh 1 hour ago

Only people who haven’t won anything on this channel can like

by Irelyn Tereau 3 days ago

When ZHC was dancing the dance that’s look like we was throwing “cash” I’m gonna call that the chicken throw cash lmbo

by Cutely Avocados 25 minutes ago

I've never won a giveaway

I would choose a phone because my sister has an old phone that glitches and the whole screen goes different colours so if I won I would give it to my sister

by Julienne Fraipont 7 hours ago

I did it but I know I wont win it I've been having a rough time and I feel like I dont deserve it🥺🥺🥺

by Meghan Diaz 1 hour ago

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